As part of our commitment to reach every corner of campus with the good news of Jesus, we want to coach you to reach those in your circle of influence! Contact a staff member of learn more about what starting something new at UD could look like!



A GIG is a Group Investigating God. It is an opportunity for two or more people to have a discussion flowing from a passage of Scripture. It is a time for friends to be together, ask questions, and talk honestly about their lives.

Below are ministries that we would love to see planted or re-planted on our campus. These are other strategic corners of campus that we long to see greater impact in. 

Visual and musical arts students follow a unique schedule and have a unique culture. Consider starting something to witness to our artistic student body. 

For many years, we have had a community to reach out in the Latina/o community at UD. Consider starting something explore the intersection of the faith and the Latin-American experience.

Between classes and clinicals, nursing student experiences are unique. NCF helps navigate this learning process and find a foundation for your nursing practice that is centered on Jesus.

STEM InterVarsity

Can you be a Christian and a scientist? We think so! Consider starting a community with friends and classmates in STEM majors to investigate the