DC Plunge

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Get Ready March 26

DC Plunge: Urban Justice Program

The Plunge is a whirlwind week to get to know the city of Washington DC. We’ll be doing this by formal service at ministries and non-profits, meeting local people, attending church in the neighborhood, and learning about Biblical justice concepts. It’s a fun, challenging, and life-changing week!

Check back mid-fall to register!

Trip Details

Trip Website: HERE

Where: Washington, DC

Cost: $225

Dates: March 26, 2022 – March 31, 2022

What Others Say

"In almost every experience on this trip, I gained a greater understanding of the new family we are in Christ. And as a family, our mission from Jesus is to love the world together."
Plunge '18
"Whether a homeless person sharing their struggles or stories of oppression, the people of DC showed unbelievable grace and love. And God was teaching me to follow their example."
Plunge '19
"The more I interacted with the people in DC, the more I found myself looking for where God is calling me outside of my comfort into a (maybe radically) different lifestyle of service."
Plunge '19

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